Ankit R Gadiya

About Me

I’m Ankit R Gadiya. I’m 18 years old. If you want to know more about my family, you can checkout my family website. One can call me Linux Fanboy. I admire Free Software Philosophy. I write about Free Softwares and my experience with them on my weblog. I have a Youtube Channel where I post videos on various things.

I’m learning Computer Science and various fascinating things related to them by myself. The path that I’m roughly following is one mentioned at Teach Yourself Computer Science. I like to do small projects on my own. For more information about my projects, check out my Projects page and source code is available my Github.

If you want to read about software or hardware I use, you can go to there respective pages.

About this site

The site is 100% validated HTML generated using Jekyll. The design is inspired by HTML Hell by Eric S. Raymond and txti by Barry T. Smith.