Ankit R Gadiya

About Me

I'm Ankit R Gadiya, 18. I write code in Python and C and I also know HTML, CSS. Besides them, I like writing scripts in Bash. I'm a Linux and FOSS enthusiast. I use Archlinux on my main laptop and Debian is running my home server and raspberry pi. I have a blog, where I write about Linux, FOSS and my experience with them, written form of tutorials of my Youtube videos and anything else that I feel like writing about.

I'm currently working on few projects of mine, which you can check here. Recently, I participated in Google Code-in, about which you can read about in my gci-16 posts.

I'm a very curious guy and so I find myself reading a lot of wiki and stuff over internet on various topics involving but not limited to softwares and technology.

Almost all softwares I use on daily basis are Free and open-source softwares. Few of the important ones worth mentioning are:

Other then softwares, I also use a lot of cool services on daily basis and are worth mentioning as well:

I usually listen to music all the time. My taste in music varies widely. I usually listen to Linkin Park, Maroon 5, Green Day, Imagine Dragons, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Avril Lavigne, Sia, Eminem, Martin Garrix, et cetera ...

About this site

This site is written in HTML and CSS, and is using Bootstrap Framework, Inconsolata Font and Font Awesome. This site is hosted on Github Pages, repository of which can be found here.