Ankit R Gadiya


Most of the software I use on daily basis are Free and Open Source.

Operating System(s)

I’m using Archlinux on my Laptop and Home server. For my Raspberry Pi, I’m using Raspbian ( Debian based). Other then these, I also run other distributions of Linux and BSD in virtual machines.


I use i3 Window Manager which is a nice tiling window manager. I use rxvt-unicode(urxvt) terminal and a bunch of terminal utilities including but not limited to tmux a terminal multiplexer, moc music player, ranger file manager and pass password manager. I edit files in Vim. My dotfiles are on Github.

I use Chromium for browsing the web and for emails I’m using Thunderbird. I use Enigmail to sign and encrypt my emails using GPG key.

I run several docker containers on my Home server. I’ve written some dockerfiles about which you can read here. Source available on Github.

I’ve also written some fun little bash scripts in the past which may or may not be of any practical use, about which you can read here.