Softwares I use on daily basis

I prefer using Open Source software over proprietary software in most cases. This page lists the software I use.

Operating System(s)

I’m running Debian Stretch on both my Laptop and Home server. My Raspberry Pis are running on Raspbian Stretch Lite (Headless). I have a cloud server running Debian at Linode. I have a couple of Virtual Machines on my Home server powered by KVM, running Debian Stretch and Archlinux.


I’m using i3 Window Manager standalone, which is a tiling window manager for X Window System which nicely utilizes the screen. I spend most of my time in rxvt-unicode (urxvt) inside a tmux session. I use quite a lot of command line based utilities like moc, ranger, pass et cetera. I like Vim a lot and always have at least one Vim instance open and do all text editing in Vim. I browse the web on the Chromium web browser. Thunderbird is my email client. I use a very popular Enigmail extension to sign/encrypt/decrypt my emails using GPG key.

I run a local DNS Server on Raspberry Pi powered by BIND 9 which combines Cloudflare’s Public DNS with that of Opennic and resolves local domains. And as I run multiple machines locally (Physical and Virtual) which runs web servers, I have Nginx Proxy setup on Raspberry Pi which forwards web requests. Raspberry Pi also runs a ddclient, which is a dynamic DNS client. I run several Docker containers on my Home Server. I use Cgit on my person Git server.