Ankit R Gadiya

About this Site

This website consists of 100% validated HTML5 pages generated using Jekyll static site generator. Sitemap of the website is available in XML format at sitemap.xml and Atom feed for blog posts is available at feed.xml.

This website is using simple-template for Jekyll, which is inspired by HTML Hell by Eric S. Raymond and txti by Barry T. Smith. All the CSS is internal to reduce the number of HTTP requests and no Javascript is used.

The website is using following Jekyll plugins:

This website is a proud member of Viewable With Any Browser Campaign.

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As mentioned above, I maintain the template of this and other sites of mine separately. If you find any problem with that or something is not working in your browser, consider reporting the bug in Simple Template issue tracker. For anything else, email me directly.

Source code and website are proudly hosted at Gitlab.